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Reviews from Parents and Students for Piano Lessons.
Reviews written by parents of students attending the school, or by the student themselves.
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piano teacher review is an extraordinary person who I can say, "she knows everything about music.". She is as good at teaching the piano as she is at playing it, in any style of music. She gives 100% of herself. She is the Number one Teacher!

Jarred M.
Age:18 yrs

My Son Jarred has been learing the piano for years now. I originally heard about this teacher from the local music shop where I asked if they knew of a really good teacher, and piano teacher reviews was recommended to me.
He started learning when he was about 13 years old. I sat in on his lessons for years and because of that, I can thoroughly recommend piano teacher recommendationas a teacher. I particularly liked the fact that she always gives a lot of herself during the lesson. Her lessons are always interesting, and Jarred always came away learning something new.
He is 18 years old now, plays beautifully and now he pays for his own tuition (!!!) ...and drives himself there!
piano teacher recommendations has been a constant in Jarreds life. I can honestly say that piano teacher recommendation teaches piano as well as she plays it, which is brilliantly!

Thankyou piano teacher recommendation !

Jacqui M.
Parent of Jarred (above)

piano teacher recommendation is an amazing teacher, always finds ways to make the lesson more fun and interesting, always makes me laugh, finds the best way to explain things to me that makes it easier for me to understand.

P. M.
Age:16 yrs

piano teacher recommendation is a brilliant teacher. We've been with her for years now and we've never had any concerns. My daughter has obtained high marks in her music classes and assessments at high school thanks to piano teacher recommendation. We would recommend her to everyone.

Pretti M.
Parent of P.M. (above)

I would recommend piano teacher recommendation for anyone wishing to learn or further their achievement and enjoyment in piano. My description of piano teacher recommendation begins with her musical knowledge and musicianship skills and her superb competency as a pianist. She is very experienced and professional with an obvious love of music and she has the ability to instruct, inspire and motivate.
She is very patient and communicates creatively and with enthusiasm, and also has a wonderful sense of humour.
I contacted a number of music schools when I first started looking for a piano teacher for my daughter, and our experience over the past years only reaffirms my decision.

Julie R.

 My son had three other piano teachers before (this) piano teacher recommendation . He originally came to me and asked for piano lessons when he was in primary school. I knew nothing about music so we asked around, found him his first teacher and he started lessons. My son told us that he wanted to be a classical pianist. So he started doing exams with the AMEB and he practiced all the time. His results weren't really good, mostly C's even though he appeared to do nothing but practice.
We changed teachers, he did his next exam, and it was pretty much the same result. He practiced a lot, and still only achieved a C.
This teacher then married and moved away, so we had to find another teacher. We were with this teacher for 2 years and then decided to change when the teacher kept phoning and cancelling the lessons because they were always "not well".
This time my son asked his high school music teacher for a teachers name and he was recommended to go to piano teacher recommendation.
The first year he was there, he studied for his 6th grade piano exam, and piano teacher recommendation worked with him on his theory. The first signs that there was a marked difference was when he started getting much higher results in his music assessments at school and told me he actually understood what he was doing now.
He sat his 6th grade classical piano exam with the AMEB at the end of the first year and

to our SHOCK and total surprise was awarded HONOURS!!! My son !!!


We always assumed that he was an average student, that maybe he'd skipped the genius gene, but were happy to pay for his lessons and encourage him to try. It is now plainly obvious to me that I dont have an average son, we had below average piano teachers!!!

Unfortunately, we have had to move interstate because of work BUT I have happily paid for a second certificate and given it to piano teacher recommendation to go with this review so you can see it for yourself!

We couldnt be happier. My son really likes this teacher and has great respect for her, and so do I.


I enrolled my two sons for piano tutoring at the piano teacher recommendationat the start of the year. Now, ten months later, both of them have grown and learnt at an exceptional rate, and enjoy music much more than before.
Overall, I am very content with the tutoring and would recommend this piano teacher reviewsto anyone who wishes to learn, or improve, playing piano.

Mrs Mio

I have been attending the piano teacher recommendationfor a little over two years now. The teacher is a knowledgeable and talented music teacher, truly caring and very professional in her dealings with students. Her role is not just confined to teaching but one that includes guidance and insight, which from a student's point of view, is both valuable and encouraging.


I played keyboard when I was younger and did lessons for a couple of years. I continued playing and trying to teach myself because I loved it however, I got the point where I couldn't play the songs that I really wanted to play. That's when I found (keyboard teacher). She teaches in a way that makes music fun and is able to change her teaching style to suit the individuals needs. She is attentive to your individual learning needs and music style and always spends extra time to ensure you understand. Since I started lessons I have learnt so much and I am now able to play the songs that I have always wanted to play.
I would recommend this Music School to anyone who has a love of music and wants to learn.

You are a great teacher. Thank you for letting me play ABBA! :)
Regards Tash W.

Tash W.

My two sons aged 6 and 9 have piano lessons with piano teacher reviewand they both really enjoy it. piano teacher reviewmakes the lesson really fun and a no pressure type of environment.
My 9 year old has been with piano teacher reviewfor 3 years and he loves to perform at school talent quests and he likes to choose the songs that he wants to learn for them.
He never wants to miss his lesson.
I also received piano lessons from piano teacher reviewfor years. Then when my sons were old enough to start learning I enrolled them with this teacher as soon as I could. My 3rd son will be starting lessons as soon as he is old enough.
I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn piano.

Mel N.


The piano teacher would like it to be known that where stated in the above testimonials that the piano teacher "knows everything" is a personal opinion of the student or the parent and neither confirms nor denies the accuracy of the statement made.