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Piano Teacher Penrith, all styles, modern, rock, blues, jazz, pop, all ages, beginner to advanced. Piano Teacher 30+ Years Experience. Piano Teacher Information.Music school Penrith.

learn piano on a grande piano

Piano Teacher, Piano Teacher for classical piano, Piano Teacher for all modern styles. Beginner to Advanced. Piano Teacher Penrith.

Our piano teacher was classically trained through the conservatorium of music in Sydney NSW and is a registered teacher with the AMEB, and studied modern piano styles, choosing to specialise in modern piano techniques and styles. Our piano teacher works professionally in the music industry, performing solo, at functions, in bands, session and studio work, playing both piano and keyboards (synthesizer).

learn to play the piano penrithpiano teacher penrith

Our piano teacher has a complete working knowledge of all modern styles including blues, jazz, rock, pop, latin, and all etc.

All styles modern, blues, jazz, pop, rock. All ages from beginner to advanced. All lessons are private, one student and one teacher at a time. No groups.

Full Size Concert Grande Piano
used for ALL lessons

Our music school has a full size concert grande piano for students lessons. We do not use digital, electronic or keyboards to teach students.

Adult students are welcomed. Those who wish to concentrate on only one music area (ie: would like to learn how to play jazz piano) are encouraged. We teach all students from beginners to advanced, and have times available from 12 midday to late evening times.

Our Piano teacher has over thirty years professional teaching experience working full time in teaching piano, preparing students for AMEB classical piano examinations, and tutoring students in music theory for AMEB and high school studies, as well as teaching students modern style playing techniques from Pop through all rock styles.

Our piano teacher has a great love of music and a great rapport with students of all ages.

We ensure correct technique, and guaranteed music reading and music theory.
Our piano teacher is friendly and welcomes students of all ages and levels.
Adult beginners are welcome.

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