Music Lessons For adult beginners

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Music School Penrith music lessons for adult beginners for piano lessons, music lessons for adult beginners guitar lessons, keyboard, Drums. ph: 0414 934355 music lessons for adult beginners, all ages, beginner to advanced. Private Lessons, No Groups, Same Teacher Guarantee

learn piano on a grande piano for adult beginners

Music School Penrith has been in operation for over 30 years. We teach all styles of music including Classical, and all modern styles, rock, pop, blues, jazz and any other style you wish to learn.

All Teachers are Registered Teachers with the AMEB
We only hire qualified staff
Same Teacher for ALL lessons is Guaranteed

All teachers are classically trained and are registered teachers with the AMEB, Australian Conservatorium Of Music. All teachers are professional working musicians, playing in bands, studio and other performance work.
The music school does not hire "players" to teach students. All teachers are full time, experienced music teachers.

Lessons available up to 10pm
Shiftworkers OK

The music school teaches students up to 10pm on weeknights, and we are able to accomodate shiftworkers and those with changing time schedules.

Your Choice Of Music Style

We teach you what you want to learn to play. We dont force any student to learn to play any style of music that they choose not to.
If you only want to learn for your own enjoyment, thats fine. If you have a preference for a particular style of music, or want to brush up on your technique, thats ok too.

classical piano lessons, classical guitar lessons, learn classical music

Learn Classical Music

Learn Classical Music for fun, or Learn Classical Music for AMEB Exams. Our Teachers are classically trained and are registered teachers with the AMEB.

music classes for children, music lessons for kids, kids piano lessons, kids guitar lessons, kids keyboard lessons, kids drum lessons

Learn Rock & Modern Styles

Our Teaching Staff are full time musicians working in the music industry. We teach all styles of modern music including rock, blues, jazz, country, latin and many others.

Same Teacher for ALL Lessons GUARANTEED

The music school does not substitute teachers for any lessons at any time, regardless of the reason.
You will ALWAYS have the same teacher for all lessons

find piano lessons penrith

Piano Lessons for Adult Beginners

Piano Lessons for adult beginners on a FULL size CONCERT GRANDE PIANO. We dont use digital pianos, electric pianos, or ANY type of keyboard. No Headphones are used for ANY lessons at any time. All Lessons are Private Lessons with one teacher to one student, NO groups.

The choice of style is completely up to you. Piano Students may learn Classical Music, and study for AMEB examinations, or learn Modern Styles including Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz etc.

All students are taught to read music & music theory is a standard part of all piano lessons.

Piano Lessons

guitar classes & guitar lessons Penrith

Guitar Lessons for Kids

Guitar Lessons for adult beginners for Accoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar in all styles. Learn Classical Guitar or Rock Guitar and modern style playing

Classical Guitar, Nylon Accoustic, Steel String Accoustic, Twelve String, Electric Guitar, Bass. All Styles including fingerpicking, strumming, Lead Guitar and etc, no limitations.

The Music School Supplies Amps, leads & Pedals during Lessons. All Students are taught to read standard music & tablature.
Learn Rock Guitar, Jazz, Blues, Country & more!

Guitar Lessons

keyboard classes & keyboard lessons Penrith

keyboard lessons for adult beginners

Keyboard Lessons for adult beginners, Learn Keyboard from a professional Keyboardist. Keyboard Lessons for Fun

Learn Keyboards the way keyboards are meant to be played. Our keyboard teacher will teach the full functions of the keyboard including the use of drum & rhythm sections, full chord accompaniment & more. Keyboards are not meant to be played like a piano, or taught the same as a piano. We teach keyboard as a keyboard!

Learn to play your favourite songs, and play just for fun.

No Groups

Keyboard Lesson

drum classes & drum lessons Penrith, no headphones

Drum Lessons for adult beginners

Drum Lessons for adult beginners on a FULL drum kit. No headphones. No limits on sound levels, Play at normal level. Learn Rock Drums, Jazz Styles & more

Our music school is LICENCED for sound/noise and is permitted to play music until 5am with NO Restrictions. You will not be asked to play softly and will always play at normal levels. No headphones guaranteed.

The music school has a full drum kit including all drums, cymbals, blocks and etc, for rock style playing, jazz and more. Tuition in Stick & Brush, all students taught to read music

Drum Lessons

No Groups

All Ages
Beginner to Advanced
Adult Beginners Welcome
Lessons up to 10pm Weeknights
Shiftworkers OK
Your choice of Music Style

Enrol Anytime

The music school enrols students in all weeks of the year

The School respects all Privacy & Child Protection Laws and does not allow photography, video or audio recording on premises and does not use student images or performances for promotional materials