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Keyboard Lessons ph: 0414 934355 portable keyboards or professional keyboards, keyboard lessons music school Penrith, learn to play keyboards from professional keyboardist & Keyboard Teacher. Keyboard Lessons for Kids & Adults

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Keyboard lessons - home keyboards and professional keyboards. Keyboards come in two distinct types, the first is the home keyboard, used mainly for home entertainment, and the second type are the professional level synthesizers or sequencers used by professional musicians on stage and in studio recordings.

Private Lessons
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Home keyboards

learn how to play the keyboard penrith

These keyboards use an accompaniment section that uses an internal microchip in the keyboard to play a backing of drums, bass, guitar, piano (and etc) backing. The end result is the instrument sounds like a full five piece band all on its own. The level of these instruments now is amazing. A home keyboard has midi and can be connected to your home computer for use with a recording studio program to record studio quality cds or mp3s.
Students are taught to play the instrument using all the functions of the keyboard.
These instruments are NOT meant to be played the same way a piano is played. Unfortunately many schools, and those teaching keyboard in group lessons teach students piano style playing, and use piano music & piano books. We dont. We teach keyboard and use all functions of the keyboard including the drum section, full chord accompaniment section, and use keyboard music specifically for keyboard. We also teach students to read music written for piano (sheet music etc) so that the pieces of music you want to play can be played on the keyboard.

Home keyboards are a portable instrument and may be taken to and from school for performances, and used as a first keyboard when playing in a band.
These instruments are meant for "fun" only.
All students playing keyboards will learn modern style music without exception. There are NO exams available for this instrument.

Professional keyboards

These instruments really need more than a basic understanding of music before they can be used in the manner for which they were designed. They are played in the same way as a piano is played (all theory and etc is the same). These instruments are more about programming than playing, in much the same way as computer programming, therefore these instruments are not for young children. Students should note that lessons for professional keyboards encompass playing, playing techniques, use of wheels and pedals and performance. The music school does NOT teach synthesis or programming as part of lessons.
Students wishing to have lessons in synthesis or programming can contact the music school for more information.

Our Keyboard teacher is a professional keyboard player, working in bands, in studio, in programming and performance, with a full understanding of midi and midi applications, including recording, computer and internet applications.
This also includes: synthesis, sequencing, guitar controllers, studio recording software applications, drum machines and etc.

Keyboard Lessons For Kids

piano lessons for kids guitar lessons for kids keyboard lessons for kids drum lessons for kidsMusic School Penrith, music lessons for children from the age of four. Piano, keyboard, Guitar, Bass & Drums. Friendly & Experienced Teachers. Parents Welcome in Lesson Room. Professional Music Teachers.
Lessons for 2 or more students from the same family can be booked to co-incide subject to availability
eg: piano & keyboard, guitar & drums etc

Music Lessons For Adults

learn piano on a grande pianoAdult Beginners are very welcome. We love teaching adult beginners, and we understand you may want to learn for your own enjoyment. We teach your style of music and wont force you to learn a style of music that you dont want to learn. Lesson Times are available up to 10pm, shiftworkers OK

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