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Guitar teacher for all styles guitar, including jazz, blues, rock, all ages, beginner to advanced, accoustic or electric guitar. Qualified BMusA Guitar teacher Penrith.

learn guitar penrith guitar classes

Learn to play modern style guitar from a professional guitar teacher. Learn accoustic or electric guitar in the style of your choice.

Our guitar teacher is a professional guitarist working in the music industry, playing in bands, solo and studio and session work.

Our Guitar teacher has a BMUSA degree (bachelor of music), and years of experience in professional guitar teaching.

Lessons for guitar - students may choose to learn any style, including blues, rock, jazz, latin, gospel and all etc.

The guitar teacher has a comprehensive knowledge of music and theory and guarantees correct techniques.
Students are also taught to read standard music and tablature, and receive instruction in the correct usage of pedals and amplifiers.

Guitar Lessons for Kids

piano lessons for kids guitar lessons for kids keyboard lessons for kids drum lessons for kids

Guitar Lessons for Children, Classical or Modern Rock Styles. For AMEB Classical Exams or just for fun. Accoustic or Electric Guitar. Friendly Teacher with years of experience teaching children of all ages.

Guitar Lessons for Adults

learn piano on a grande piano

Whether you're a new beginner or have played previously and want to improve your technique, or learn a new style. Learn your choice of style with no limitations. Learn for your own enjoyment. No student is forced to play or learn any style that they choose not to. If you want to learn only one style, blues, jazz, rock etc, thats fine. Lesson Times available up to 10pm, shiftworkers OK.

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Lessons for children
Guitar lessons
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Quick Info

Our music school has:
Off street Onsite Parking.
Close to shops, post office (banking), train, bus, schools.
Same Teacher for ALL lessons GUARANTEED
100% PRIVATE lessons. No Groups
ALL students are taught to read music & music theory is a standard inclusion in all lessons.
Correct Technique is assured.
Waiting room facilities for parents.
Parents Welcome in Lesson Room
Large double brick lesson rooms.
No booths, cubicles, partitions/dividers.
No long corridor of chairs outside your lesson room.
No interference of sound from other lessons.
We have windows with natural light and fresh air!
Air Conditioned
Full size professional Concert Grande Piano for student lessons.
We supply Amps, leads, keyboards and stands and guitar pedals for use by students in their lessons.

Teacher Info

  • The music school does NOT HIRE unqualified teachers. The MINIMUM teaching level of staff is a BACHELOR OF MUSIC DEGREE. Not all schools have qualified or experienced teachers!
  • All Staff on Premises have a CURRENT WWC Document.
    Working With Children Certificate Clearance
  • All Teachers are Professional Musicians working in the Music Industry in:
    Bands, Studio Work, Solo Work & other And are able to teach ALL modern styles, and classical.
  • ALL teachers are CLASSICALLY TRAINED and ALL teachers are REGISTERED teachers with the AMEB
    Australian Music Examinations Board
    Conservatorium of NSW
  • Students may elect to participate in AMEB graded exams for their instrument. Enrolment for Exams is NOT COMPULSORY.
  • Students may learn modern (rock styles) or classical.
    No student is forced to learn any style that they choose not to
  • The School respects all Privacy & Child Protection Laws and does not allow photography, video or audio recording on premises and does not use student images or performances for promotional materials
  • The school does not solicit students to perform in public performances for promotional purposes

Contact us
0414 93 43 55

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