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Guitar classes ph: 0414 934355 Private guitar classes all styles, rock, jazz, blues, classical. Accoustic & Electric Guitar. Professional guitar teacher BMusA. Guitar classes Penrith.

learn guitar penrith guitar classes

Guitar classes for accoustic or electric guitar in all styles, beginner to advanced guitar classes, all ages. BMusA Professional guitar teacher. Guitar classes for fun or ameb exams.

Classical guitar students can choose to learn for enjoyment or can be entered for AMEB examinations on request.

Your choice of style.
Students learning modern styles can choose to learn the style of their choice, including blues, jazz, rock, rhythm & blues, country, folk, latin, metal and etc.

Guitar students enrol in all weeks of the year and students may start lessons at any time. Students wishing to start at the beginning of any school terms are advised to book in advance.
Guitar lesson availability is limited, places are almost fully booked. (please don't wait for the first day of school.)

Private Guitar classes

All guitar classes are private lessons, with one student only. The student has the teachers full attention at all times and will learn more effectively.
All students are taught correct technique, theory and music reading as a standard part of every lesson. Tablature is taught to students where applicable, eg:modern styles of guitar playing.
All students are taught according to their age and ability.
Private guitar classes will ensure that the student isn't left behind when a group moves on because the student had difficulty completing the task, or didnt understand a concept .
Private classes also ensure that students who have completed their work aren't left waiting for others to finish their work.
Quite simply, group classes don't work.

how to play the accoustic guitar

Accoustic guitar classes

Classical accoustic guitar (nylon string guitar), steel string accoustic guitar, semi-accoustic guitar or 12 string guitar.

Rhythm guitar, also known as strumming, fingerpicking, or any style including rock, blues, jazz, country, latin, classical or any.

how to play electric guitar

Electric guitar classes

Classes in electric guitar for lead guitar styles, or rhythm guitar styles.
Students of electric guitar also learn the correct use of amps and effects pedals.

Guitar classes from a professional teacher and musician

Our guitar teacher has a Bachelor of Music degree and has years of professional teaching experience.
He is also a professional guitarist playing live in bands and studio, and is also a fully qualified sound engineer.

All students are taught correct technique.
All guitar classes are private. No groups
All students learn to read standard music and tablature where required.
Music theory is included as a standard part of all guitar classes.
Students are NOT forced to learn any music style they do not wish to learn, or ask to learn, NO STUDENTS are forced to take exams.
Guitar teacher has BMusA music degree and can prepare classical guitar students for AMEB examinations upon request.

Guitar students learning modern style playing will be taught all aspects of modern style playing including blues scales, pentatonic scales, modes, chord voicings pertaining to their chosen style (eg: Jazz guitar students will learn jazz chord voicings etc)

Guitar classes for children

Guitar classes for children commence from the age of 7. For children, the style of music taught, ie: rock etc, is decided by the parent. For more information about lessons for children at the music school please see the link at the bottom of this page.

The music school also has teachers for piano or keyboard. Lessons can be arranged at the same time, on the same day (subject to availability of times.).

guitar classes for electric or accoustic guitar

Parents are welcomed in the music room during guitar classes, or a waiting room is available where you can see and hear your child at all times.
We have onsite, offstreet parking, we're close to shops, post office, train, bus and schools.

Our guitar teacher is friendly, and professional.

Lesson times for guitar are limited.
Times are available up to 10pm for adult students.
We welcome adult beginners and adult students that wish to learn a new style or brush up on their playing skills.

The music school also has teachers for piano and keyboard in classical or modern styles.

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