Gift Certificates

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Personalised Gift Certificates with the receivers name added, a personalised message from the sender and NO pricing added. Choose Gift Certificates for music lessons including piano, keyboard, guitar & bass.

Gift Certificates are available for any instrument of your choice. Gift certificates for guitar lessons, gift certificates for piano lessons, keyboard lessons, you choose.
Students must meet our age requirements and have an instrument of their own on which to practice.

Our gift certificates, shown here, are our christmas examples, however we can make a PERSONALISED gift certificate for any person for any occassion, ie, birthdays, anniversaries, special achievements, whatever you can think of.
Our graphic designer can make a design specific to your requirements, in your choice of colours, and you can word the texts exactly as you want them.

We'll even upload a copy to a page on this website so that you can see the final design before you approve it!

Our graphic artist has pro software that creates images in high definition.

You can choose any of the follow ways to deliver your certificate:
1. We upload the image to a webpage here on this site. You can then show the person OR send them a link to it in an email.
They can then copy the image themselves.
2. We can email you the certificate as an attachment.
3. You can download the image from this website to your computer/phone/tablet and send it as an SMS
4. You can download the image from this website and take it to any photo processing business and have it printed like a normal photograph (cost: approximately ten cents).
5. You can download the image from this website and print it on your home computer.
6. You can take a SCREENSHOT of the image with your mobile phone, tablet or android device.

There are NO PRICES or RECEIPT NUMBERS printed on the certificate!!!

We dont need them. Once you've purchased the gift certificate your details are already recorded. All certificates are individual.
The person receiving the gift will NOT know the price.


We'll make it as simple as we can. And in most instances you may not have to do anything technical. Downloading the images from this website is very simple. We'll give you full and easy to follow instructions AND we can talk you through it by phone if necessary. (*Australia wide calls only).

The SIMPLEST way to do it is we put the image onsite and send you an email with a link. You can click the link and show the recipient.
The second simplest way is we send it to you in an email and you can either show it to them or forward it to them.

Made to your specific design. Choose from one of our templates or, supply one to us, or tell us what you'd like made to truly personalise your gift certificate.


No idea what to buy for your teenager? Your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife?...

Or maybe you're a grandparent or relative living in another state or country.
This is the perfect opportunity to get them started, or send them in for a brush up.
Our staff can teach them ANY style they wish. So, if Dad's always wanted to learn to play blues, now he can!


 Did you MISS a birthday?
    Forget an occassion?
    Or that special present you ordered online DIDNT arrive in time?

We've had that happen too! It happens to all of us. If you're in the situation where you NEED the certificate RIGHT NOW and with as little delay as possible PHONE US on the number provided on the contact page with the details so that we can estimate how long your certificate will take to be made.

Depending on your requirements (And WHERE we are at the time of your phonecall ie: At work, supermarket shopping, in a dental appointment etc) we can let you know how fast we can get you out of your dilemma.

At the bare minimum you can MAKE all the arrangements and you can tell the person.
The FASTEST we can POSSIBLY make a certificate is ONE HOUR.

If you DONT need a certificate it can be as little as FIVE MINUTES.

Our phone number contact says BEFORE 10pm, but if you're desperate just phone. If we answer, we're awake!


We MAKE your certificate and keep a record of your purchase. Each certificate bares the name of the recipient and the details of the purchaser. No two are alike, so there's no need to print prices, receipt numbers, or anything more on the certificate.


We understand that you may live a long way from our school. And it's not always possible to travel to the school to make your payments. At the same time, we completely understand you want to know for 100% certain that we are who we say we are.
When you contact us we will give you all the relevant information required to check our bona fides, including places that we cant manipulate, like the phone book. You can check the number there, give us a quick call to verify you're speaking to the same person and when you're happy, we can proceed.

We can arrange your payment in any of three ways.

1. You may come into the school personally and make your payment.
2. Paypal. You may use paypal to make the payment. You do not need to have a paypal account. We will send you an invoice in an email. You can then go to paypal and make the payment with either your paypal funds, or your banks debit or credit card.
Paypal has a 90 day buyers protection guarantee that protects you from fraud. (*The fact that we HAVE a paypal account ensures your protection.)
Please note well that payment made by paypal will incur a 5% surcharge *additional fee.
3. By direct debit from your bank account to ours.
We will send you our relevant information and you can transfer the amount instantly.


You provide us the texts, and we add them for you. Each certificate is individually produced by our graphic designer. As long as you dont ask us to write anything hurtful or harmful (or illegal), you can say exactly what you want to say.

Use our contact page to make any enquiries, or order. A phone number is displayed on this page click here

gift certificates for kids

After we have completed the certificate you can print in on your home computer or take the image to any photo processing lab to be printed on photographic paper.
The images are created with professional graphics software in high resolution.
You can print it as a standard postcard size, or ANY photographic size up to a poster.
If you want it larger (billboard etc) we can supply a vector file for your printing needs.

If you arent able to print the image, or dont want to, you can send it in an email on christmas morning, or attach it in a text message from your phone!
Or...We can place it on a dedicated page here at this website and send you the URL so that you can show it and the recipient can print it.

music lessons gift certificate
How does it work?
  • Choose a design
  • Tell us what texts you want written on the card
  • Tell us the name of the person it's for
  • Tell us the name or names of the persons the certificate is from
  • Choose the background colour.

You can also choose the colours for the fonts.

If you prefer to WRITE your names on the card

We can leave a blank area for you!

And we can arrange certificates from Santa himself!


The examples we have here now are specifically for Christmas, however if you would like something else, just use our contact form and ask!

When you purchase lessons from us the card/certificate is FREE.

Pricing information is per our standard fee rates. For costs of tuition you need to contact us via our contact page or phone us on the number provided on the contact page. Pricing information is ONLY given by direct person to person or by phone. To contact us for pricing information click here


Kids designs:

guitar lessons gift vouchers

When ordering, please NOTE the reference number on the card.

Teenagers, Adults, General and Letters

gift ideas for menchristmas gift ideas for teenagers

You can change the wording of any letter, or completely make up your own. The only priviso is it needs to fit on the page to be readable as a graphic, so think four paragraphs long.
And you can be as funny as you like!

We can MAKE a design for ANY occassion.