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FAQ information page for MUSIC SCHOOL TUTORS. Answers to our most asked questions.

What Payment Methods are accepted

We accept Cash, Direct Bank Transfer, and online payments via Paypal for paypal payments, and online credit card payments. You do not need to have a paypal account to make payments online with your credit card or debit card. Please note there is a 5% surcharge for payments made using paypal.

What is the youngest age to start lessons?

The music school will start children from the age of four. Children younger than SIX years of age will be provided a first lesson free to ascertain whether they are ready to start lessons. The decision of whether the child is able to concentrate for the lessons full length & ability to follow instruction and/or have the dexterity to play an instrument at an early age will be decided by the teacher.

Fees and Pricing

Pricing information is only provided in person, at the school, or by phone. We do not provide pricing information on our website, or by email or sms or by any other means. For information on pricing, including any current deals, special offers, discounts and etc, please phone us on 0414 93 43 55 up to 10pm 7 days. Or you may request a call back to your phone by either email or SMS.
Please note: The music school does not provide pricing information to calls made with hidden phone numbers, or private numbers. You will be asked for a phone number on which we can call you back. (see our privacy policy for info on your private details and confidentiality).

Do students need to have their own instrument?

An Instrument is required for learning to play. Students may attend their first lesson without an instrument of their own, but will require to have an instrument for home practice to complete set work. Guitars are required to be brought to lessons, drums, keyboards and pianos are not required to be brought to lessons as these are supplied by the school.
The music school supplies all amplifiers, stands and pedals for use in lessons. And guitars are available for use if for any reason the student does not have one available for that days lessons.

Do students learn to read music?

Absolutely, yes. All students are taught to read music at all levels. Reading music is a standard part of all lessons and all learning. Guitarists are also taught to read tablature.

Do all students do exams?

No. The choice on whether the student will study for exams, or enrol for examinations in music is 100% totally up to the student, or the parent of the student to decide. If you want to sit for exams you will need to REQUEST to study for exams.

Who examines the students?

We enter students for exams ON REQUEST with the AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board). The AMEB is the only recognised board for music study and examination in Australia. The AMEB is also the authority that sets the curriculum for music studies in all schools Australia wide, for all levels from year 7 to year 12 and university studies. These exams are conducted by examiners who have no association with any school or teachers and are completely independant examinations.
The AMEB is part of the Australian Conservatorium Of Music (Australia).

Do students have to perform?

No. We dont solicit performances by students. No student is required to perform publicly. If you choose to, or want to perform in public the decision is yours. These performances could be for Eistedfods, school performances or other. This decision is yours.

Are Parents Allowed in the lesson?

Yes. We were the FIRST music school to allow this, and are happy to have parents in the lesson room. If you dont want to sit in the lesson room you may sit in our waiting room, where you are able to see and hear the student at all times.

Can we bring other people into the lesson?

We will occassionally allow other persons into your childs lesson that you bring with you. This is usually limited to relatives. For example: Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles. You should check with the school first, and note that the number of persons in the room will not be unlimited, meaning a few people is ok, your whole family is usually not ok.

Im a shiftworker

Thats ok. Provided that you inform the school when you are enrolling that your availability will change, and keep us informed we have no issues with shiftworkers or any person with changing time schedules. Note, this applies to employed persons and not to school age children.

I only want to learn modern style music.

Thats perfectly ok. We will teach you want you want to learn, and only what you want to learn. We wont force you to learn classical, and if you only want to learn blues, or jazz, or heavy metal then thats what we'll teach you.

When Can I enrol?

Anytime. We enrol students in all weeks of every year. There's no need to wait for the start of school terms. And we advise you that if you do want to start at the beginning of school terms that you contact us well in advance. The busiest times for new student enrolments is the first week of any school term.
If you would prefer an early afternoon time straight after school you should contact us well before the school term finishes. Early times book out fastest

What's the latest time for lessons?

The music school teaches up until 10pm. The latest available lesson time is 9.30pm

Can I learn another instrument other than those you have listed?

Call us and let us know what instrument you are interested in. Our teaching staff are able to teach other instruments.

Do you teach Group lessons.

No. Never. Group Lessons may seem cheaper, but are never effective in teaching students. You will learn more, learn faster, and learn with better understanding and comprehension in private lessons. All lessons are private.


Private Lesson means one teacher to one student. Only one student is taught during that lesson. You have the teachers full attention at all times.

Are Replacement Lessons available if I am unable to attend.

We were the FIRST music school to introduce replacement lessons.We understand that everyone gets sick, or injured, or goes on holiday, so We do offer replacement lessons for illness & injury, school study time off for students in years 10 and 12 and those studying at tertiary level (tech, university), and family holidays. STRICT TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY. Ask for more information when you contact us.

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