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Drum Lessons Penrith Ph 0414 934355 Accoustic or Electric Drum lessons, all styles drum lessons, Rock, Metal, jazz. No Headphones, Full Drum Kit. Private Professional Drum Lessons all ages, beginner to advanced.

learn drums penrith

Learn to play drums on a full drum kit. Drum Lessons for Beginner or advanced, all ages.
Lessons in all styles on either standard accoustic drum kit or electric kit.
Our music school specialises in teaching modern styles, including piano, keyboards, electric and accoustic guitar, bass and drums.
Lesson times may be able to be booked to co-incide depending on available times and days.
Eg: Drums-bass
Drums-keyboard (etc).

Private Lessons
No Groups
NO Noise Restrictions!
Same Teacher for all lessons Guaranteed

Noise restrictions?
No. We have no noise restrictions so lessons will be conducted at "normal" playing levels. Students will NOT be placed on electric kits and WE DO NOT USE HEADPHONES!!!
You will not be asked to play softly or turn down volumes!

You will have a choice to learn on an accoustic (standard drum kit) or on an electric kit. The choice is yours.

Drum Teacher Penrith.

Lessons are available up to 10pm on weeknights. Adult beginner students are welcomed.
Age: Open, meaning: ANY age, however lessons for 5 and younger will require teacher approval before commencing.
Shiftworkers: We are usually able to accomodate your changing time schedules. Depending on your available times and available lesson times each week. Please note: re-scheduling for shiftworker on other instruments will not be a problem.

Don't have a drum kit?
You will need one, but if you need to purchase one please speak to us before you buy. We DONT sell instruments but are able to recommend options to you that include retail stores and internet purchase options.

Drum Lessons For Kids

piano lessons for kids guitar lessons for kids keyboard lessons for kids drum lessons for kids

Drum Lessons for Kids of ANY age. Children Younger than 5 years of age will need to be assessed by the teacher before enrolling for lessons. Phone the Music School to organise an assessment before enrolling if your child is under 5 years of age.

Drum Lessons For Adults

learn drums on a full drum kit

Learn Drums on a Full Drum Kit with all drums, cymbals and percussion. No Headphones used, No soft playing, and you wont ever be asked to play quietly. Play at normal levels at all times. Learn your choice of style (after you've learnt the basics of course!). The Music School teaches Adult Beginners for all instruments including piano, keyboard, guitar, bass & drums.

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