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Information on music school located in Penrith, NSW, learn piano, guitar, keyboard, bass, drums.

We are a well established music school situated in Penrith NSW. Our music school has been in operation for over thirty years. We teach students of all ages, in all styles, from beginner to advanced. Our teaching staff are FULL TIME music teachers, and are registered teachers with the AMEB *Australian Music Examinations Board. The AMEB is the body responsible for setting music studies throughout all schools, public and private, from year one to university level, including HSC study subjects, and private music examinations in classical instrument study such as PianoForte and Guitar, plus music theory and all classical instruments such as flute, violin and etc.

Our music school tutors, teaches and prepares students for AMEB examinations in classical instrument study (piano/guitar) and theory examinations.
Our music school also tutors for school music subjects *HSC etc.
Our music school teaches modern instruments, such as electric guitar and synthesizers, as well as all modern genres, ie: blues, jazz, rock, pop and etc.

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Our teachers are classically trained BUT we LOVE all styles of music, we are professional working rock musicians working in the music industry. We have level ONE equipment in our teaching studio for student use, a full concert grande piano, and keyboards, amps, pedals (etc).

Our piano teacher studied through the conservatorium of music in Sydney in Piano, theory/ musicianship, and is a registered teacher with the AMEB (for classical exams) Our guitar teacher has a bachelor of music degree(BmusA). The high level of our staff ensures your tuition in any or all instruments of your choice.

Our first love is rock music (any and all styles though we have different tastes), our staff work in bands, studios and etc, are competent theorists and songwriters.
Our music school was always presented as a school where students can and will be taught the style of their choice, after all, youre paying for it! If you want to learn blues guitar or jazz piano, thats exactly what we will teach you!
All students learn to read standard music notation and music theory is included in all lessons. We use real music books in lessons and teach everything the way it should be taught.

Lessons are a half hour private lesson, one teacher to one student at a time. No groups.

Our Music school, and its staff, specialise in teaching modern styles of musical instrument playing. We believe there are many places to learn classical, but nowhere where students can actually learn their prefered instrument in their prefered styles.

It is your choice what style of music you learn. Students are not forced to take exams. Our teaching staff are classically trained through the conservatorium of music, Sydney, and are also full time working musicians in the music industry, performing on stage, in bands, recording studios, private functions (weddings etc). Our piano teacher is also our keyboard teacher, teaching both home keyboard and professional keyboards such as synthesizer and sequencers (midi).

We cater to students that are learning modern styles playing, for fun, pleasure, or to work in the music industry in the future as soloists or in bands.

We are located in the western suburbs of Sydney NSW, near Penrith. We are a one minute walk from GWY and five minute drive from the M4 Motorway.

The music school has OFFSTREET and ONSITE parking, we are close to schools, shops, post office, bus and train.

We have a waiting room facility for parents, and parents are welcomed to sit it on any student lessons.

Information on our location and all etc is available upon contact.
This information was available on site however we were forced to remove it due to this website being page one on google (too many unrelated phone calls during teaching hours etc). We apologise for the inconvenience. Our phone number, as well as a contact email form is available on our contact page.